Apple has filed a patent entitled "Transitioning between Modes of Input" that seems to lay the foundation for a touchscreen iMac. Or iMac touch as it would no doubt be called.

The patent details how the all-in-one device would have a dual operating system for both mouse based interface and touchscreen interface - presumably so OS X and iOS could sit nicely alongside each other.

The patent describes an adjustable iMac "Flex Base" that allows users to change the angle of the display. Users would be able to set the device to switch to a touchscreen operation when the display reaches a desired angle in "Slant Mode".

There would also be an option to switch to a touchscreen UI (that looks very similar to a giant iPad screen in the patent sketches) when pressure sensors at the side of the screen are held.

The patent, that was originally filed back in July 2009, also discusses a touchscreen Macbook that would have an adjustable screen so it could sit flat against the keys with the screen facing upwards, much like many Windows based tablet-PCs do now.

imac touch apple s all in one to get touchy feely image 2

It wouldn't surprise us to see Apple extending iOS to its high-end devices. With the success of the App Store and the impending release of Apple TV mark 2, it makes sense for apps to become big-screen friendly.

And besides, Zombie Infection HD would be awesome on a 27-inch screen.

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