With Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote speech due to begin at 6pm GMT (10am PT, 1pm ET), the speculation over what he's going to unveil is ramping up faster than Evel Knievel's road crew.

The iPhone HD is a shoo-in, even if its feature set is still open for debate, and we're almost guaranteed some form of anti-Flash hyperbole. However, something else has leaked this morning that's a bit more left-field.

Engadget has posted pictures of the legendary Apple "Magic Trackpad", a multitouch Bluetooth device, that allows control of a desktop Mac without the need for a mouse.

The site also takes a punt that, considering the company has previously filed a trademark application for the name "Magic Trackpad", that these pics are genuine and the device will provide a surprise in a keynote that was in danger of simply treading familiar ground.

Well, until now, that is.

Join us for live reports from Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote later this afternoon/early evening.