An Apple fan who also happens to be a designer has decided to take his mind for a spin and create a product page for what he thinks a 3D enabled Apple MacBook Pro would look like.

Taking the more realistic, if that's possible, approach designer Tai Chiem hypothesised that users will have to wear glasses to use the Nvidia powered 3D graphics cards inside the 13-, 15-, and 17-inch aluminium models.

Other 3D gems within the concept drawings include a Stereoscopic iSight that allows you to watch and make 3D images thanks to two iSight cameras next to each other.

Other specs include a 12-hour battery life, Blu-ray burner, USB 3.0 ports and up to 1TB of storage space on its SSD drive, and that's alongside MiniDisplay and an SD card slot.

Of course, no futuristic made up model should be without an intel i7 processor to power it all and a glass second display that doubles as the trackpad.

Expect the model to be hitting stores sometime in your dreams shortly.