Acer unleashed its Android netbook on the world today, something it had already admitted it was going to do.

The addition of Android isn't the only bonus for the D250 – it also now comes with Windows 7 rather than the Windows XP of the original version.

It is bizarrely familiar to those who have Android handsets, but without the touch support does seem a little weird. Plus, there are no designated keys to support Android, so you end up using the trackpad to get around and the ESC key to go back.

We were on hand at the launch to grab some shots of the new, or rather old, hardware with the new OS shoehorned into place.

We've got a date now too - the D250 will be hitting shelves from 22 October and will come in two versions. The XP Home with Android version will be £279 and the Windows 7 with Android will be £299.