Acer has officially launched their dual OS netbook, combining the Android operating system and Windows 7, which we first brought you news of back in June 2009.

This will mean instant-on booting (18 seconds "to be able to chat") and fast shutdown (3 seconds). You'll be able to access emails and the Internet through Android and switch over to Windows 7 when you want to be more productive.

The new Acer Aspire One D250 with Android comes with a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 LED-backlit LCD display, and is powered by an Intel Atom processor backed by up to 2GB of RAM, and a 160GB hard drive. 

Acer is also claiming that any internet connections made on the Android OS can remain active, even if you "reboot the netbook or suspend the session". We'll pin them down on exactly how this works and will update when we have more details.

We've got a date now too - the D250 will be hitting shelves from 22 October and will come in two versions. The XP Home with Android version will be £279 and the Windows 7 Start will Android will be £299.