Acer has announced the Veriton N260G, a nettop machine which mounts onto the back of your monitor, a little like the company's Revo machine, but without the heft carried by that unit.

It's aimed more at classrooms, offices, libraries, and other situations where you don't need the "Ion" graphics chip that the Revo's got. It's got an Atom processor, Wi-Fi, upto 2GB of memory, and upto 160GB of hard disk space.

It's got an HDMI port, though don't expect to be pumping out lots of HD without that Ion chip, and it's got a very low energy consumption, as well as recyclable packaging materials. It comes pre-installed with Vista, XP or Linpus Linux.

The home edition will set you back about £200, whereas the Pro version comes in at more like £290. There's no release date just yet.