Acer is gearing up for the launch of its brand new Nettop, the AspireRevo, in the UK and Pocket-lint has managed to grab some up close and personal time with the new computer.

The new model is due to hit shops on 5 May and will promise improved graphics thanks to the inclusion of the new Nvidia ION chip that allows Intel Atom powered computers to display 1080p footage as well as play 3D games such as Spore or Portal.

Pricing will start, Pocket-lint has been told by Acer, at £149.99 for a Linux version (Ubuntu) with 1GB of RAM and an 8GB solid state drive (SSD). Those wanting a Windows Vista experience will be able to opt for a £249.99 price point and with it get 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive.

The computer, which will also be able to be mounted to the back of a monitor with the included VESTA mount, will come in a third option (£299.99) that includes a wireless game pad that looks like the Wii Remote. The remote, which has yet to be completely finalised will be available on its own for £49.99.

Disappointingly the first version out of the gate will not include a wireless keyboard or mouse, however Acer has confirmed it will be offering these as optional extras in due course.