Asus and Acer now claim 80% of all notebook sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, states new IDC research.

Notebook sales have seen a 52% growth year on year while total PC shipments were 27% high in the third quarter of 2008 than they were a year ago. The top four companies are Acer, followed by HP, Dell and Asus.

IDC attribute the growth to the popularity of what they call "mini notebooks", also known in the industry as netbooks. "Free" laptops with broadband and mobile broadband deals are also said to have boosted the numbers.

"Mini notebooks are clearly shaking up the competitive landscape, which is likely to get even more fierce in the pre-Christmas season with several vendors launching products from October, and potentially pushing mini notebooks volumes in EMEA towards the 4 million range in fourth quarter of 2008", says Eszter Morvay, senior research analyst for IDC.