The Acer Aspire One - Acer's answer to that deluge of netbooks that have flooded the market - has now come down in price.

But, after speaking to our man on the inside in the UK, it seems that only Americans are going to benefit.

The Aspire One arrived in the UK in July and had a £199 price tag for the Linux version with 8GB NAND Flash and £299 for the Windows XP version, which has an 80GB hard drive.

But the Windows XP is now available in the US for just $349, for which you get the Intel Atom processor, Windows XP Home, 1GB of RAM memory installed, 120 GB internal hard drive, and a three-cell battery.

From $399, you could upgrade to a model with a six-cell battery, 160GB internal hard drive and Windows XP Home.

The Aspire One with Linpus Linux Lite is now priced at $329.

OK so it's not a huge amount off once you convert into the noble English pound Sterling but still, where's price reduction eh?