The new laptop announced today hasn't even got into the shops, but that hasn't stopped Acer confirming that it plans to make the new Aspire One laptop model into a range of laptops rather than just a solo effort.

“We haven’t finalised it yet, but we are thinking of turning this into a range”, said a spokesman for the company.

The company suggested that the new Aspire One could be complemented by a 10-inch model or other models in the near future.

The company launched the new ultraportable PC today challenging Asus, HP and MSI in a new notebook category range. The new £199 Acer Aspire One will promise Windows XP Home or Linux operating systems, come with a 8.9-inch screen (1024 x 600) and either a 80GB hard drive or 8GB NAND flash drive.

We will keep you posted.