Way back on 12 March, we brought you news of an addition to Acer's Aspire range of notebooks.

At the UK launch in London on Thursday, we actually got our mitts on the new launches and found out there's more than just the CineDash multimedia console, the 16-inch screen, the fingerprint reader (which had only been a feature of business models) and the innards including the Intel Core 2 Duo, or Penryn, processor.

There is, in fact, also an 18.4-inch model, which comes in three different version ranging between £899.99 and £1399.99.

This is compared to the 16-inch model, which has a price point of between £699.99 and £1149.99. Both will arrive next month.

Unfortunately the Blu-ray player isn't standard throughout but Dolby True Surround Sound is.

In the higher spec models, this means five built-in speakers and a subwoofer, and in the cheaper models, two speakers and, again, the subwoofer.

Coming soon to Megawhat will be our quick review of the new notebooks, for which we had a chat both with the experts from Acer and the Dolby team.

Make sure you check it out and in the meantime, here's some more pics to whet your appetite.