Acer has introduced the Acer v200 - a portable navigation device for the bargain price of £110.

So what do you get for your money? Quite a lot it seems.

Full seven-digit postcode functionality, a 3.5-inch display, 2 and 3D maps, loudspeaker voice commands, TrafficMaster TMC traffic updates, pre-installed maps and points of interest information.

Also some special Acer technologies - "Map View Maximizer" that zooms in on road details and lets you concentrate on the driving and a "Powerful Trip Planning" feature that intelligently organises your route by detecting the best places to stop, such as a bank or a petrol station, useful for those take-a-break-every-two-hours-driving-stops.

Another handy feature, especially at this price point is the pedestrian mode, so that you can get navved in to your ultimate destination, even if you can't use the car to get there, and can also help you find your car on the way back.

Designed with first-time users in mind, the Acer v200 claims to be simple and efficient with easy-to-follow menus and finger operation allowing "GPS beginners" to enjoy ready to roll navigation, straight out of the box.

Sounds good to us - find out more via the link below.