(Pocket-lint) - It was in Spring 2019 that Acer unveiled its ConceptD range, aimed at visual creatives. Some of those products - such as the 700 desktop (pictured above, left) - are designed to be super-powerful machines for high-end graphics makers working in 3D environments.

Now there's a new - and, frankly, cuter - face to the range: the Acer ConceptD 100. This mini desktop tower is aimed less at the hardcore 3D creatives and more at 2D designers who don't want a hulking great tower in their (presumably also little) studio space.

Whereas the ConceptD 700 can be configured with Intel Xeon processors - which are extremely powerful and extremely expensive too - the ConceptD 100 brings that high-end ceiling down a little, offering up to 9th Gen Intel Core i processors and Nvidia GeForce Quadro GPU. There's also ultra-fast SSD storage up to 256GB and up to 32GB RAM (DDR4) to complete the core specification.


Creatives will also be pleased to see easy access ports on the front. A full-size USB-A sits alongside a USB-C port, a full-size SD card slot (still an essential for many photographers), and dual 3.5mm mic and headphones jacks.

Laptops certainly aren't for everyone, especially if you need a colour accurate screen for your work. In such instances a dedicated PC such as the ConceptD 100 certainly shows its worth. It's also very quiet - 40dBA, claims Acer, which equates to a library room - and looks rather fetching dressed in white with its grey frontage too.

There's no word on pricing or availability just yet. But following limited distribution from its 2019 start, we suspect this model - along with the also-announced ConceptD 3 Ezel - will branch Acer's sub-brand out into wider markets.

Writing by Mike Lowe.