(Pocket-lint) - At the annual Acer press conference - which took place in New York City and was used as the birthplace of Acer's new brand, ConceptD, which aimed at creative professionals - the Taiwanese company showed off a huge spread of new kit. But one of the most interesting products of the lot was the ConceptD 500 desktop PC.

While ConceptD ranges from laptops to desktop PCs - including insanely powerful ones with Intel Xeon chipsets, aimed at production houses - the ConceptD 500 stood out for its inclusion of a wireless charging mat up top. Yep, Acer wants you to plonk your swanky wireless charging device on top of this PC to rejuice the battery. A very clever idea indeed.


The 500 is quite the showpiece too, thanks to its wooden-topped finish, which is clearly designed to be put on full display within a work environment. And why not, eh? After all, your latest Huawei P30 Pro or other flagship phone can charge up, while plugging in additional products and peripherals is easy thanks to a selection of ports on top of this tower.

The ConceptD 500 is a powerhouse in itself with up to Intel Core i9-9900K processor and 64GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 graphics, heaps of storage options (including HDD, SSD and Intel Optane Memory).

This beast will cost from €2799/$1699 and it's likely to appeal to creatives, gamers and those with an eye for style, that's for sure. Whether it will launch in the UK, however, is to be confirmed.

Writing by Mike Lowe.