(Pocket-lint) - Acer has followed up last year's small form factor Revo PC with a new model that's also modular, so users can add and take away elements as they require.

The Revo Build comes with two main components, the main unit and the graphics, and then other modules can be introduced. Each module is magnetic, so you just stack them on top of each other to build up your ideal living room or casual PC.

They connect to one another without wires, just communicating through a series of pins on the top and bottom of each module.


It was launched and first shown during Acer's pre-IFA press conference, where an audio module was demonstrated - featuring a dial for volume. However, other elements are expected to be announced in time.

One of those can be a large hard drive or a wireless power bank, further enhancing the Revo Build's cable-free nature.

Acer has even put a call out to journalists and customers for requests for future module types. It also revealed that users can upgrade different elements as they become available - for example, if the CPU has been improved, that module can be swapped out more cheaply than buying an all-new PC.

A release date and price is yet to be revealed.

Writing by Rik Henderson.