Acer allegedly plans to release an Intel Haswell-powered, all-in-one PC running Android. 

CNET on Friday, citing Acer as its source, reported that Acer would announce the AiO PC next week and that it would launch with an Intel 3GHz Core i5 4430 Haswell processor and Android OS.

Acer's AiO PC will cost roughly between $400 and $425 at most resellers and will land in the "coming months" with 1GB of memory and a 8GB storage configuration at minimum. With such a minuscule storage offering, it is no surprise that the tabletop PC will side with Android over Microsoft's beefy Windows RT OS. 

It isn't clear if there's a market yet for an all-in-one touchscreen PC, especially one without Windows 8, but many companies are certainly jumping on the trend.  

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Hewlett-Packard, for instance, announced the Envy Rove 20 last week. It's a 20-inch touchscreen tablet-like device with a 4-hour battery life and foldable kickstand. Initial reports deemed the 10-point capacitive touchscreen responsive, but the tabletop PC apparently feels quite hefty for a somewhat mobile device.

CNET's report didn't list any other spec details for Acer's upcoming offering, but it did provide the pretty picture above.