The Ultrabook revolution "cannot be stopped" according to the Acer CEO J.T. Wang who stated that slimline Windows 8 machines would be landing later on this year. "When the next generation of Windows launches, in the second half [of 2012], we will launch another wave of Ultrabook products," he said, at Acer's CES press conference.

The CEO outlined Acer's ambitious Ultrabook aims, stating that 25 to 35 per cent of all of its notebooks this year would be of the skinny variety and that, within the next two years, Ultrabooks will go mainstream and will be "expanded across all customer segments".

So expect to see Acer Ultrabooks of all shapes, sizes and budgets hitting the shops in the near future, adding to the four models that the company has already announced.

Back in September 2011 the Acer Aspire S3 went live and this will be joined by the world's thinnest laptop, the S5, in Q2, and the two recently announced Timeline Ultra models early in 2012.

Wang also said that, after the boardroom bothers of 2011, this year would be the one that the Taiwanese company will get "back on the right track".