Stan Shih was reported as recently saying that ultrabooks are a fad. But it seems that the Acer founder was pulling his best poker face and bluffing, or maybe he's just not too up to date with the goings-on at Acer HQ these days, as it looks that the Taiwanese company has such a machine up its sleeve.

The apparently-name Acer Aspire 3951 looks like a real MacBook Air rival, weighing in at under 1.4kg and measuring 13mm thick - more or less the exact dimensions of the 2011 Apple lightweight champion.

The 3951 is said to be running a Sandy Bridge Intel chip, has a speedy boot up time of 1.7 seconds, 6 hours of battery life, offers a 160GB SSD and also has Bluetooth 4.0 on board too.

Not a lot else is known, apart from the bizarre estimated RRP of $770 and $960. The specificness is kind of diluted by the $190 difference, don't you think?

An October release is touted, although nothing is yet official. Be sure to check back on Pocket-lint for more details soon.