Acer has added another setup to its line of portable Travelmate laptops . The thin and lightweight 8481 looks like it is aimed at those hunting for something to provide computing power on the go, without a massive sacrifice in weight and size.

Featuring the usual selection of i7, i5 and i3 processors it can be plenty quick. You can also opt for a 4GB RAM option and a 128GB or bigger SSD. 

Size wise, the travel mate is 2.2cm thin (so damn thin then) and 1.5kg in weight. There are few i7 touting laptops with proper Nvidia Optimus discreet graphics that can boast such a small size.

An HD 14 inch 1366x768 resolution display keeps the package exciting in the media department, with a 9 hour battery life for constant movie viewing. 

Acer has gone all out on the tough side of things, including second generation disk anti shock protection which suspends the hard drive in a safe enclosure, to stop shocks damaging it. The case itself also uses a magnesium-aluminium frame for added hardiness.

The system fan takes advantage of Acer's dust defender technology, which helps blow dust back out of the laptop, keeping it clean inside and out. Finally there is a fingerprint recognition unit for those who want to keep their laptops as secure as possible. 

Expect the 8481 to hit shops at the end of August starting at a £699 for the base model.