No, you aren't looking at a revamped Toshiba Libretto.

This dual screen notebook is in fact, the newly announced Acer Iconia, a touch friendly machine that does away with the traditional controls, such as a touchpad and a keyboard, and throws in two touchscreen displays instead.

Both 14-inch screens are capable of 720p HD displays (they have 1366 x 768 resolutions), and can work independently of one another, which is handy if you fancy watching a movie and doing a bit of Facebooking at the same time.

They also support all-point, multi-touch functionality meaning that you can use all 10 of your fingers to control the Iconia.

"Intel is proud that our close collaboration with Acer has helped to deliver the world’s first 10 finger multi-touch dual-screen notebook with an exciting and innovative end-user experience, powered by the Intel Core i5 processor”, said Mooly Eden, vice-president of PC Client Group, Intel Corporation.

The Acer Ring feature also means that placing five fingers down will give you a nice circular media control option as well. And, of course, the bottom screen can become a virtual keyboard.

The tech on board is pretty impressive too, with Windows 7 Premium running via a choice of Intel Core i5 CPUs (i5-480M/i5-560M/i5-580M with3 MB L3 cache, 2.66/2.66/2.66 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.93/3.20/3.33 GHz), backed up by 4GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics with 128 MB of dedicated system memory.

There's a 320 - 750GB HDD for all of your media storage, and connectivity should be a doddle with Wi-Fi, 3G and a USB 3.0 port (there's also two old-school USB ports as well).

There's also a HDMI output, for those rare occasions that two screens just aren't enough.

Reports suggest that prices will start from £1499 with the machine set to land in the UK on 15 January, although there is nothing official as of yet.