Acer has unleashed a couple of all-in-one animals into the wild - the Acer Aspire Z5710 and the Acer Aspire Z5700 - with a heavy emphasis on style and family entertainment.

The desktop all-in-ones come with a choice of Intel processors - i3, i5, or i7 with the Z5710 - and should be perfectly capable of HD movie watching and 3D gaming due to up to 8GB of RAM, 2TB maximum storage (with an optional 160GB SSD) and integrated graphics via an Intel GPU on the Z5700, and a choice of either Nvidia's GeForce G210M or GT240M with the Z5710.

They are 23-inch multi-touch, full HD screen boasting machines, and to take advantage of the touch screen technologies on board they come with a load of Acer Touch bloatware, sorry software, built in.

They look pretty cool - they have an aluminium case and a very glassy feel to them so they would look alright in the living room or the kitchen. With a Blu-ray optical drive and an optional TV tuner you may consider one of these all-in-ones to be the answer to your next family TV upgrade.

The Acer Aspire Z5710 and Z5700 are out on 1 August. There's no news on a price just yet, but judging by similar models from Acer's rivals already in the marketplace, you're probably looking at a minimum of about £900.

We'll keep you posted with specific price details as and when we get them.