Acer has just announced details of its new and improved Aspire One netbook, the Aspire One 533.

An update to the Aspire One 532, the 533 netbook gets an improved processors with Intel's Atom N455/N475 running at 1.66GHz and 1.83GHz respectively, however 1GB of RAM looks likely as Acer states that "the Aspire One 533 can integrate up to 2GB of memory", and you'll also get the same 250GB hard drive.

The Acer Aspire One 533 incorporates its CrystalBrite LED backlit display which should look nice and sharp, whilst also helping to improve the battery life. And that's really what this models all about; taking it with you so you can stay connected when away from home or your desk. With the last Aspire One we managed to get the cited 8 hours battery life,  and in this new model Acer is talking around the 10-hour mark, which will be impressive if it delivers.

At around 25 mm thick and weighing just over 1 kg, it's in keeping with its portable ambitions and you'll also get a neat little AC adaptor which apart from being easier to carry boasts shorter charging times.

In terms of connectivity there's Wi-Fi, LAN and optional 3G module or Bluetooth 3.0, and if you want to chat live, capture photos or video-conference you can use the included Acer CrystalEye webcam. There's also the bonus of an HDMI port so you can hook up to a big screen for viewing content.

Aspire One 533 will be available from 1 July, and as soon as pricing is confirmed we'll be sure to let you know.