Acer has launched two powerful minitowers at its event in Cannes today, the Aspire M5400 and the Aspire M3400.

These are some heavy duty PCs - the top of the range M5400 can include a 6-core AMD Phenom II X6 processor and the M3400 can be equipped with the 4-core X4. There's up to 8GB of DDR3 memory on board and also ATI Radeon HD graphics chips as standard.

With HD video and gaming at the forefront of these minitower's setup, Acer has included a swappable hard drive bay on the front of the machines. This hard drive can be upgraded if you fill it up, or removed if you want to take your data with you on the go. With up to 4TB of storage available though, you'll have to go great guns to fill it.

Using ATI Eyefinity technology these PCs can display their output on up to six displays, and with a multi-card reader and 12 USBs available, heavy multitasking is easily possible. Blu-ray and HDMI options are also available.

These models are heavily customisable and, as such, prices will vary. Check out Acer's site directly for your exact requirements.