Acer has decided that 16 April 2010 is a great day to expand its range of displays, and who are we to argue? The company has announced the ATXX56 range, which comprises the 20-inch AT2056 and the 23-inch AT2356.

They come with "Full HD" or "HD Ready" resolutions, firmware that automatically adjusts picture settings according to the content you're displaying, and the ability to choose between "close" and "far" viewing distance modes, depending on how near to your monitor you like to sit. They also have a "recall" button, if you're a channel flipper, which takes you back to whatever you've been watching longest recently.

There's contrast ratios of 20,000:1, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 5ms response rates and a pair of HDMI sockets. Both also contain a DVB-T HD receiver, so that you can display HD channels in full resolution. The 23-inch model will cost £250 and the 20-incher will cost £200 when they go on sale on 1 June.