Acer has launched a high-end series of desktop-based entertainment laptops known as the Acer Ethos family. The two chassis sizes, which will be available by the end of June, are the 15.6-inch Ethos 5943G and the 18-inch 8943G and each comes with a full Dolby Surround set up with with integrated speakers and a sub-woofer as well - 2.1 for the former and 5.1 for the latter.

The minimum spec machines will come with a Blu-ray combo drive, 4GB RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor and 320GB HDD for £1100 but, if you'd rather push the boat out, you can go up to 16GB RAM, an Intel Core i7 and a whole 1.2TB of space.

Either way, you end up with a 1GB ATI 5850/5650 graphics card with DirectX 11 support and some Custom UI Acer Arcade software to manage your media library/get in the way.

The displays are full 1080p HD resolution with edge-to-edge design and a minimal look that runs throughout the machine. It's a simple silver on the outside and silver and black on the inside, but probably the nicest feature is a touchpad that becomes touch-sensitive media controls which disappear again when you press a single button.

If the Ethos doesn't make your budget, then there's also the Acer Aspire 745 and 741 series multimedia machines, which were unveiled at the same time. Nothing special about the designs, this time they have the same raw spec potentials as the Ethos machines except that the larger size is a 17.3-inch laptop.

The 1080p displays become 720p and you can get down to just 3GB of RAM, 250GB of HDD storgage, a Core i3 processor and a 512MB GPU (Nvidia or ATI) which will cost just £499 from April. Being home-based machines, there's just a 6-hour battery life maximum.