Digitimes is reporting that Acer has plans to build a rather revolutionary-sounding new laptop which doesn't have a back casing on its screen - it uses the back of the screen's glass substrate instead.

The plan uses toughened glass from Corning - which the company calls Gorilla Glass - to prevent the display breaking under too much stress.  It'd simply print colour on the back to ensure you can see what's displayed on the screen. There'd also be a touchscreen keyboard, which could display different keys depending on the application running.

The idea is to make the laptop even thinner and lighter than ever - there wouldn't be a layer of plastic protecting the back of the display. Similar concepts have been seen from Fujitsu (pictured) and Asus, so this is evidently a form factor that's gaining steam in the Far East. But would you want to type on a non-tactile keyboard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.