"Get ready for a true theatre-like 3D experience!" shouts Acer as it intros its new H5360 projector with HD ready resolution and Nvidia 3D Vision tech.

The boasts for Nvidia's 3D Vision technology is that it can transform the flat surface of your living room wall into a 3D screen - thanks to a combination of a PC with a compatible graphics card and special 3D shutter glasses.

Here comes the science: "The 3D shutter eyeglasses with two lenses synchronized by the PC are an essential part of stereoscopic Nvidia 3D Vision technology. Every image is rendered twice, once for the right eye and once for the left, so that it is offset in relation to its 'double'".

"The GPU sends this information to the Acer H5360, which works at a frequency of 120Hz, and shows even-numbered frames to the left eye and odd-numbered frames to the right eye. The 3D glasses open and close each lens in synchronicity with the projector, so as to create the illusion of observing a scene with real depth. The battery-powered glasses work via a special infrared transmitter".

The projector itself offers 720p resolution, 2500 ANSI Lumens brightness and a 3200:1 contrast ratio. It's available now for £549.99 - but you'll have to fork out for the glasses separately.