Nokia has suggested the reason for the new Nokia Booklet 3G only being available in Best Buy in the US this side of the Holidays is because AT&T isn't geared to sell laptops.

Talking to David Petts, who is responsible for the AT&T account at Nokia, Petts told Pocket-lint that while AT&T stores where able to sell the product, it was a "no brainer" to give it to Best Buy and its selling capabilities to do the job on launch day.

And you can see why? According to the company, Best Buy now accounts for a third of all laptop sales in the US, presumably helped by those Windows adverts throughout the year and the closure of Circuit City at the beginning.

Asked when the Nokia Booklet 3G, which is priced at $299 with contract and available from the 22 October, would be available elsewhere Petts didn't have an answer, but did suggest it would be likely to be rolled out elsewhere once the Holidays were over.

Petts did confirm, however, earlier confirmations that Nokia is likely to be making more booklets if this one was successful.

We will keep you posted.