Western Digital has upped the ante once again on its range of external storage solutions. The biggest face-lift is for the My Book desktop series which now features the My Book Elite and the My Book Studio, the second of which is designed for Mac users.

They offer 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB sizes, 256-bit password protected encryption and an automatic back up solution as part of the WD SmartWare software built in. The most eye-catching feature though, is the customisable e-paper label on the side of the book-look volumes, which lets the user know just how much storage there is left on each drive, whether it's locked or protected and what the label is - even when the unit is unplugged.

They're smaller and greener than ever before, as we would hope, and connect via USB 2.0. The bonus of the Studio is that it's compatible with OS X, works with AppleTimeMachine and also has a FireWire 800 port as well.

If you'd rather, something more portable, then My Passport Elite has also hit the shelves not long after the recent refresh to the standard My Passport range. These come in anodized red, anodized blue and charcoal, and are offered in capacities of 320GB, 500GB and 640GB sizes. They to feature 256-bit protection and are powered by the USB 2.0 connection, so no extra plugs are needed. The Elite models also come with a dock for easier and more attractive desktop use.

The My Book Elite is available now from between £99.99 to £199.99, the My Book Studio range is a touch more at £119.90 to £209.90 and the My Passport Eilte is £75.99, £99.99 and £109.99 for the three sizes respectively.