With a launch pad of Barking in Essex, Hi-Grade has announced its new Notino W5900 range, describing it as comprising of "customised laptops to complete this season's looks".

"Found the dress, found the shoes and the accessories to match, why not complete the look with a stylish laptop?" asks the computer manufacturer.

Aimed, as you might have already guessed, at "fashion conscious females", the new range gets full colour ink-jet print designs on the laptop lids.

Designs include "graffiti" ("energetic, funky and artistic"), a pink leopard print design ("fashionable, on-trend and urban") and the "shopping" design with "four fashionable women on a sleek black background, perfect for the confident, outgoing affluent female".

That's looks taken care of, as far as specs go, all the release mentions is the following: "Getting it done just got more fun with the Notino W5900 range of laptops preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Premium, available now from £394.50". There's no mention of Windows 7 upgrades.

Presumably there's more info to be had at the web store which can be found at www.higrade.com. Just don't chip a nail typing it in.