The first photos of gScreen's imprressive Spacebook have surfaced. The machine, as you can see, packs two massive 15.5-inch displays that slide out either side of the laptop body.

Taking things a step further than Lenovo's W700ds ThinkPad, which only added an extra 10 inches, gScreen says that its Spacebook is targeted at creative professionals who can't live without a dual-screen setup.

Gordon Stewart, founder of gScreen, said: "We designed this knowing that many may not need the extra screen at all times", so it works fine if you don't fold out. If you do, though, then screen space expands to nearly 31 inches. "It is absolutely the opposite of a netbook", said Smart.

There are 16, 17 and even 13-inch models in the works, but the first should be on the market by December. It's unclear if they'll be available in the UK at this stage. They'll be running Windows 7, and pack Core 2 Duo processors and 4GB of RAM.

The price tag is hoped to be kept under $3,000 - about £1,800.