Freecom is offering an external hard drive that locks via a keycard.

The Hard Drive Secure is aimed at both businesses and particularly security conscious consumers and comes complete with two RFID-equipped, AES encrypted cards.

Waving the card over the hard drive either locks or unlocks the system, giving users access in seconds without having to remember passwords.

Freecom has also announced the launch of the new Hard Drive Quattro angled at AV professionals.

The Quattros offer FireWire 800 and 400 and a faster eSATA connection for speedy file transfers.

The Hard Drive Secure and Hard Drive Quattro are available in 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities.

Pricing for the Freecom Hard Drive Secure ranges from 119 euros to 289 euros while the Hard Drive Quattro goes from 149 euros to 349 euros.