Seagate has launched a docking station for its FreeAgent hard drives that gives users a USB hub at the same time.

The Seagate FreeAgent Go Dock+ includes three available USB ports to act as a USB hub, so you can try and remove some of the supposed clutter on your desk and back up your files at the same time. Exciting.

The launch of the Dock+ comes as the company has announced a new range of FreeAgent drives specifically designed for the small business market.

Identical in design to the consumer and Mac friendly drives already available, the BlackArmor drives, as they will be known, will come with backup software as standard.

According to Seagate, "the business-grade backup application coupled with a reliable Seagate hard drive in an exceptionally slim, 12.5mm package makes the BlackArmor PS 110 portable drive a powerful storage solution for travelling professionals".

The Go Dock+, which comes with a protective case that keeps the FreeAgent Go drive safe while on the road, is out there ready to be bought for $39.99 in the US.