LaCie has announced two new USB hubs - the LaCie Core4 and LaCie Core7 - as designed by industrial designer Sam Hecht.

Said to be modelled after Hecht's LaCie Little Disk, the hubs incorporate built-in cables and claim a "clean, thin, and elegant exterior".

The LaCie Core4 gets four USB ports, three external USBs and a built-in mini-USB cable.

Said to resemble the shape of a small matchbox, the Core4's functionality includes simply pushing and sliding open the product "core" to access and extract two USB cables.

One is a mini-USB cable, while the other is a standard USB cable for connecting the LaCie Core4 to your PC or Mac - so, as LaCie phrases it, the cables go wherever it goes.

Aimed at "peripheral power-users", the LaCie Core7 offers six USB ports, as well as the built-in extractable mini-USB cable for mobile device connectivity and charging.

With one USB port on top for USB flash drives or quick-and-easy port access, there's also a built-in standard USB cable for connecting to a PC or Mac and a power supply.

The LaCie Core4 and LaCie Core7 are available in three colours, grey, blue and orange, at £9.90 for the Core4 and £19.90 for the Core7.