Epson has announced a new range of consumer printers with the full line-up due to be on sale in the UK by July.

The company says the home-use products "offer something for everyone, whether you want high quality photos or cost-effective colour printing".

The £89.99 Epson P50 claims to give amateur photographers more creativity allowing them to produce images that apparently last longer than lab prints.

Five new printers join the Epson Stylus family priced from £50 to £150. The Epson Stylus SX515, SX415 SX215, SX115 and S21 printers are said to "meet the demand for family photos and everyday printing in the home with cost-effective individual ink cartridges and Energy Star efficiency".

As well as the new home printing range, the Epson BX310FN is described as a "multi-function, cost-effective and easy to use business inkjet printer" with an integrated scanner, copier, fax and Ethernet connection due in June for £199.99.