Advent has launched the 6555 gaming laptop, touted as the UK's lowest priced Intel Core 2 Quad Processor.

The laptop features a solid 250GB HDD, 4GB RAM, a Blu-Ray disc drive and a 17-inch widescreen display.

With gamers in mind, the machine also features a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4850 graphics card with 512MB of dedicated graphics memory for the top visuals PC gaming demands.

The Advent 6555 comes with a gaming keyboard and three 2.0 USB ports for gaming essentials like mouse, webcam and microphone.

At 3.6kg it's pretty hefty, but is probably still more portable than a workstation should you need to take it to LAN parties and the like.

The 6555 laptop is available exclusively at PC World for £999.99 and can be bought in-store and online now.