Buffalo has announced the launch of a new portable USB hard drive, the MiniStation Lite.

The "explosion" of online media and digital data means that such devices are increasingly in use, says Buffalo, describing the MiniStation Lite as a low cost option that provides access to digital files wherever you are.

With what's said to be a "sleek and compact" form factor, the MiniStation Lite comes in glossy black, white or red and is available in 250GB, 320GB or 500GB.

Compatible with PC and Mac, the plug'n'play USB-powered drives have built-in Memeo AutoSync and SecureLockMobile software.

The white and black MiniStation Lite are due to go on sale in February, while the glossy red paint job will take a little longer and be available from March 2009. Pricing is £82.99 for the 250GB, £93.99 for the 320GB and £139.99 for the 500GB.