So Packard Bell has just launched its new gaming machine in Paris, the ipower X2.0, and of course, Pocket-lint were at the launch to get all of the news for you.

Having been in the gaming sector for two years, this new machine only demonstrates further that Packard Bell is wanting to push itself forward in the gaming sector.

Emmanuel Fromont, vice-president Packard Bell, said that the aim for the company now was to move away from the "first-time buyer" label that it had earned in the past, and show a strength in technology and innovation in design.

"We want to reposition the brand as a fun, cool, lifestyle brand, and strengthening the company in the gaming sector fits well with that," he said.

However, he did say that the company would be concentrating on the "mass gaming" and even casual gaming markets rather than the "hardcore" gamers.

Philipe Henry, Packard Bell product marketing and sales director, went on to explain: "I like to think of it like motor cars. There are some people who like to take a car and modify it - tweak it, paint it and add things to it. There are gamers like that too, who are specialists and will add in extra things to their computer to make it run that extra half a second faster.

"This machine, however, is for people that want a good spec machine that they can enjoy games on for a reasonable price. From our research, this sector makes up about 80% of the market."

The ipower X2.0 has been designed 100% by Packard Bell, unlike its previous gaming machines, and is certainly eye-catching to say the least.

It measures 510mm x 217mm x 530mm and its black gloss finish is really set off by the red LEDs that shine from the side of the machine. However, give it a few months and we reckon that nice gloss will have lost its shine a bit unless your handy with a PC wipe - just minutes into the press launch, the chassis' were covered with grubby journo fingerprints.

That aside, the ipower seems like an impressive machine, that sits itself smack bang in the middle of a good price point, nice design and top spec. And Packard Bell are so sure about it, Philipe Henry went as far as to call it "faultless". That's a challenge if we ever heard one.

Check out the pictures for a more hands-on look at the new machine. And don't blame us for the fingerprints. Our hands were clean.