LaCie has announced yet another Neil Poulton hard disk drive for users who want advanced RAID features with consumer-level ease of use and style according to the company.

While not the most exciting products to talk about the new MAX high capacity storage system, launching at CES in Las Vegas, will offer 2TB of storage capacity via two large-capacity disk drives that can be set in either a RAID 0 or RAID 1 configuration with the flick of a switch on the back panel.

RAID 0 stripes data across both disks for the fastest data retrieval response time, while RAID 1 mirrors data exactly on both disks for maximum data reliability. The front USB 2.0 expansion port on the sleek, all-black polished-mirror enclosure can be used to link to another external drive for data backups.

In an attempt to make it consumer friendly, the drive will come with a Setup Assistant for formatting the disk drives as well as Genie Backup Assistant for PC and Intego Backup Assistant for Mac.

Available now it will cost around £209 when it hits the shops.