LaCie has launched a "practical and fun" new line of products for the home and office, the LaCie Flat Cables created by product design company "item".

The colourful LaCie Flat Cables claim to bring functional improvements along with a "stylish new look to the ubiquitous and cumbersome computer cable".

Available for three types of USB interfaces as well as for FireWire 400 and 800 and eSATA connectors, the seven LaCie Flat Cables are made to lie flat - so hopefully eliminating the "clutter and the uncontrolled coiling of today's cables".

Each cable type has its own distinct colour; blue for USB, orange for FireWire and green for eSATA, and each cable is supplied with adhesive labels so users can customise them with even greater detail.

The LaCie Flat Cables are available now and start at £9.99.