It was announced way back in July, but the Packard Bell iPower X2.0 desktop PC is finally on its way to the UK.

The company's second desktop model aimed at gamers, this has enjoyed a complete redesign now boasting a sleek black and red design.

The chassis has been developed to dissipate heat and keep all of the components at the right temperature, and there's also an Asetek liquid cooling system as well as three silent 120mm fans.

And, although aimed at gaming enthusiasts as opposed to the most demanding players, this PC is also claimed to be easy to modify without having to find tools to get the chassis open.

There is also space for extra hard drives, cards and additional drives.

There are different specs available, but it comes equipped with the latest GPUs, including the GeForce 9800GX2 and is powered by the Intel Core 2 Quad or Intel Core 2 Extreme processors.

The iPower X2.0 is available with 500GB to 3TB of storage capacity, a 21-in-1 card reader, ESATA port, Blu-ray Disc drive, 7.1 HD audio system, hybrid TV tuner and a gaming keyboard and mouse.

And also worth a mention - it comes with the Packard Bell Premium Deluxe Pack of software, which includes EA Need For Speed and EA Crysis, Activision Call of Duty 4, Splinter Cell, Graw2, Rayman Raving Rabbits.

The Pack also features Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Norton Internet Security 2008 and Microsoft Works 9, and online services, such as Carbonite online backup and Metaboli downloadable games.

The iPower X2.0 will be available from the end of November. Prices start from £1299.