Epson is marking the 15th anniversary of its Direct Store with the release of three Japanese themed lacquered desktop models.

All three of the designs house an Endeavor Pro4500 (X48 Chipset).

You can pick between the Dragon, Cherry Blossoms and the Moon and Rabbit, although only 200 units are beind made of each.

Tech-wise, for the 1700 Euro price tag, you'll get a Core 2 Quad (Q9550) processor, 2GB of RAM, 500GB of HDD, DVD Super Multi, and ATI Radeon HD4870 with 512MB of VRAM.

The company is also launching a limited edition notebook covered in Yaku Cedar wood from a 1000-year-old tree.

Again - only 200 units will be sold.

The notebook features a Core 2 Duo P8400 (2.26GHz), with 2GB of RAM, a GeForce 9800 GT with 512MB of VRAM with HDMI out, 160GB of HDD, a DVD Multi and a 15.4-inch screen.

The models are only expected to be available in Japan.