A monitor with a protective acrylic screen surface has been launched by Hannsg.

The 19-inch monitor, called the HC196DP, has designed to withstand knocks and bumps and so is said to be ideal for busy environments such as offices, libraries and school establishments.

The acrylic can also be regularly cleaned, so Hannsg adds that this monitor is even suitable for use in dirty environments such as building sites and garages.

"Monitor displays are fragile and easily damaged, especially in education establishments where accidental knocks quite often occur, which can cause cracks, and constant prodding with fingers and stationary causes scratching", says Martin Kent of HANNspree UK.

"The HC196DP has a tough screen surface specifically designed to shield the underlying panel from such damage and which makes cleaning a piece of cake, all of which can give a monitor a much longer life span than a standard monitor and ultimately reduce cost of ownership."

The HC196DP also features; DV1-D and VGA connectivity, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 170º viewing angle and VESA mounting capability.

It is available now for £106 including a 3-year on site swap out warranty as standard.