Free laptops are set to become "must-have" presents for Christmas, as families look for ways to save money on technology gifts according to Top 10 Broadband, a UK broadband comparison site.

"With broadband and free laptop deals starting at £25 a month, laptops have never been so affordable or attractive to a British public looking to curb their spending in the run up to credit crunch Christmas", says Jessica McArdle, a spokesperson for the website.

"On Top 10 Broadband, broadband and free laptop sales accounted for just 4% of total mobile broadband sales in July – they now account for over 27%, suggesting that laptop-bundles will overtake stand-alone mobile broadband sales by the end of the year."

Mobile phone operator 3 is currently offering the HP550, HP 2133 and HP DV 6910 laptops with mobile broadband starting at £30 a month with 5 or 15GB download allowance included while Vodafone is bundling the Dell Insprion Mini 9 with built-in mobile broadband.

Resellers such as Phones 4U and The Carphone Warehouse are also offering a range of Acer, Toshiba and Sony laptop-broadband deals from around £25 a month.