Seagate has announced its Autumn 2008 lineup of the company's FreeAgent external hard drives and here's the run down for you, accompanied by a plethora of pics.

FreeAgent Go Drive for Mac has a FireWire 800/400 interface, docking station and carrying case, designed to move "seamlessly" between the desktop and road. Formatted for use with Mac OS X and Time Machine ready, the FreeAgent Go for Mac is available at £94.99 for 250GB and £110.99 for 320GB.

FreeAgent Desk Drive for Mac gets a brushed aluminum arctic silver finish that matches for the current iMac Desktop. With a FireWire 800/400 connection and Time Machine ready, the FreeAgent Desk for Mac is £102.99 for 500GB and £142.99 for 1TB.

The FreeAgent Go Drive is described as a pocket-sized, slim storage drive shipping in four colour options, priced at £62.99 for 250GB, £79.99 for 320GB and £150.99 for 500GB.

The FreeAgent Desk Drive is a desktop storage solution for basic back up and security for all your digital files. This USB 2.0 drive provides will cost £67.99 for 500GB, £75.99 for 640GB and £107.99 for 1TB.

The FreeAgent XTreme Drive is designed for performance, especially for those who work with high-definition video and graphic files. With a 3GB per second transfer rate with the eSATA connection, this drive also includes FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connection options. The FreeAgent XTreme is available for £94.99 for 500GB, £102.99 for 640GB and £134.99 for 1TB.

Finally, the FreeAgent Dock and Case are angled as protection for those on the go and a dock station for quick access to your files, sold separately, the dock and case will be available for £19.90.