Buffalo Technology has unveiled a new look DriveStation external USB storage device, which now boasts power saving functionality.

The company says that the DriveStation provides a low-cost, easy to use storage option for home and small office users.

The Windows-only Power Saving Utility software provided with the product allows users to set timings to put the device in a low power "sleep" mode when not in use, reducing power consumption of the idle unit by up to 75%.

The unit can be powered up again either manually or by accessing the drive. The DriveStation’s Auto Power On/Off function means it automatically turns on and off with your computer.

Available in five capacities, the drive gets Buffalo's TurboUSB software as well as Secure Lock Ware Encryption software.

Prices are from £54.99 for the 320GB version up to £119.99 for the 1TB model.