There have been printers and scanners gallore the last couple of days - mainly down to Canon - who released about a million new models yesterday.

But here's something different, design-wise, from Epson.

The Artisan 800 and Artisan 700 all-in-one printers are sleek enough not to look out of place in the most polished of batchelor pads with their smart touch interface and piano black finish.

Tech-wise, in the Artisan 800, you get Wi-Fi, an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), and a 7.8-inch smart touch panel.

What's smart about this, is that only the buttons you need will light up on the interface. So, for example, if you are faxing, then only the buttons relating to this will be lit up.

The touchscreen also allows you to access selecting, copying, enlarging, rotating, cropping, and printing options.

Also worth a mention - both models can print and copy images directly onto inkjet printable CDs and DVDs.

In terms of speed, the two models can print up to 38 pages per minute (ppm), 4 x 6 inch photos in 10 seconds, and 8 x 10 snaps in 50 seconds.

Both have memory card readers as standard, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

The only difference is the Artisan 700 doesn't have a full featured fax machine.

The Artisan 800 will retail for $299 and the 700 for $199.

They are both currently available for pre-order via Amazon and should be available in September.