A new netbook designed for kids has been announced ahead of its UK launch next month.

Hoping to go up against the RM version of the Asus PC, the new netbook, called the Fizzbook, will be a kid-focused mini laptop that will comes stacked with kid-friendly software and been built to withstand the daily rigours of a child's life.

While that means its unlikely to be marker pen resistance it is, say the makers CMS, splashproof, shockproof and capable of being dropped, kicked and generally abused.

Sporting Windows XP, there will be two models going on sale in the UK in September.

For those on a budget there is a 7-inch screened £199 model, called the Fizzbook Lite, that feature 512MB of memory, 4GB flash drive, Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity and the Intel Atom chip.

For those with a bit more cash to spare, for their little on there is the 8.9-inch Fizzbook Bang which while coming with the same Intel Atom processor, doubles up the memory to 1GB, increases the hard drive to 30GB and adds a webcam into the mix.

Both come with a handy carry handle, promise over 4 hours of battery life and will come with Ability Office to get you started with writing a letter to Grandma.