What more could you ask for than a big, juicy piece of industry gossip on a Friday evening.

And here it is ... reports are circulating the web that storage pro Seagate could be after memory card manufacturer SanDisk.

The news comes via EETimes, which says that Seagate, known for its sturdy but sleek hard drives, is considering bidding for either SanDisk as a whole or just the company's solid state disk (SSD) unit.

PC Pro adds that Seagate is currently the world's largest supplier of hard drives, and perhaps is after SanDisk's SSD business as it sees it as competition.

But should Seagate buy the whole of SanDisk, it would also become a major player is the growing memory card market with access to camera, phone and MP3 player owners, whose devices are among the many that use memory cards.

There is, unsurprisingly, no comment from either company on the rumours.