A fan of the PC Advent and Apple Operating System has managed to install the later on the former.

Giving detailed instructions (there are 48 to be precise) Advent/MSI Wind fan Paul has managed to get the latest Apple OS working on the 10-inch Intel Atom-powered laptop giving Apple's MacBook Air a run for its money.

The move means those looking for an ultraportable Mac could do so for under £300 rather than the £1200 plus price tag for the MacBook Air.

There are catches of course, to get wireless working on the device you will have to swap out the wireless card as the one that ships in the Advent/MSI Wind isn't supported by Apple and there are also issues with Apple's hibernate offering (it doesn't currently work), however fan Paul says if you are happy to put up with those everything else from the webcam to the SD card slot works perfectly.

You can find a full set of instructions and a realtime 30-minute video of the process via the link below.